Build it and They will Come

Build it and They will Come

Greetings Friends

Our journey as a new business is slowly progressing as planned but not without the ups and downs associated with starting a business from zero. I am often asked how the coffee business is going? I respond with "about as expected". I then realized that I give this answer as a broad generalized response. So it got me thinking what exactly does that mean.

On an analytical level it means some days we have a steady flow of visitors to our website and others nearly none. Sales run in equally frustrating spurts. Some days sale after sale and others none. Getting visitors to the website is the first major hurdle experienced by not just Nickel Coffee Company but nearly every new online centered business. As online shopping continues to grow worldwide the potential to capitalize with a sale is increasing and yet becoming exponentially more difficult all at the same time. Unfortunately the famous line from Field of Dreams "Build it and they will come" is just that a dream. A small business can have the best website ever created and average hundreds of visitors daily and not convert a single one to a customer. Converting a visitor to a customer can vary from person to person there is no one size fits all approach which in turn makes it extremely difficult to measure and adjust.

Here at Nickel Coffee Company we are well aware that the selection of coffee brands is endless, I mean after all there are only so many places to source coffee beans from. We choose to hang our hat on the freshness of our beans and our hassle free no cost shipping on all USA orders. We select the best quality beans and only roast them after you place an order. Shipping the whole bean the day it is roasted and the drip coffee the day after ensures our customers experience the freshest coffee available. So what truly sets Nickel Coffee Company apart is the taste. Our journey will continue and we will undoubtedly have ups and downs. So when I am asked how the coffee business is going I will now say it is a grind, some days are good and some are bad. But overall its been amazing. Our customers are loyal and very supportive and just Taste it and You will see.



Jamie Lierman


Nickel Coffee Company

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