Our Story


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the visitors who have graced our store. Allow us to share a glimpse of who we are and our core beliefs.

As full-time firefighters, Timothy Reed, Jamie Lierman, and Lawrence Jackson found themselves sharing the same shift at the same station. Much like firehouses across the nation, a significant amount of time was spent gathered around the kitchen table. Here, you’d encounter self-proclaimed experts in various fields—carpenters, financial gurus, and even politicians. It’s often humorously suggested that if decision-makers convened around the firehouse table, they could solve all the world’s problems. While that might be a stretch, one constant fixture on that table is a steaming pot of coffee.

What remains less known to the general public is that most fire departments do not provide food and beverages for their firefighters during shifts. Instead, the brothers and sisters of the firehouse pool their resources each month to purchase essential groceries. Imagine the quality of coffee typically procured for a firehouse—it’s safe to say it doesn’t always meet gourmet standards.

Nickel Coffee Company emerged from this firehouse tradition, driven by a desire to elevate the coffee experience. Our specialty-grade coffee beans are sourced from around the globe, ensuring a superior end product. Plus, we roast our coffee to order, guaranteeing freshness with every cup.

Thank you for visiting our store, and we hope you have a great coffee experience.

Warm regards,

 Nickel Coffee Company