Your Source For Fresh and Delicious Roast to Order Coffee

We at Nickel Coffee Company pride ourselves on our order to roasting process. Your coffee is roasted only after you order it and shipped to your home for FREE. Whole bean coffee ships the day it is roasted and ground coffee the next day


Why does home-brewed coffee often fall short of the coffee shop experience?

The answer lies in freshness. When you purchase coffee from large retailers, logistical constraints compromise its freshness. Coffee is roasted and packaged in bulk, then shipped to warehouses before reaching the store. That time gap impacts the flavor dramatically.

At Nickel Coffee Company, we solve the problem by our roast to order process. As soon as you order, we roast your coffee to the ideal level, pack it and ship it the same day for whole beans, or the next day for ground coffee. That way, you get your coffee as fresh as possible, and enjoy a delicious and aromatic cup every time.

Roast to Order

We roast your coffee only after you place your order, not before. This ensures that you get the freshest coffee possible

One Way Valve

A one way valve allows gases (carbon Dioxide) a byproduct of the roasting process to escape but prevents oxygen and moisture from entering the bag. This helps preserve freshness and flavor of the beans or ground coffee as oxygen and moisture can cause oxidation and spoilage.

Timely FREE Shipping

In line with our commitment to freshness, we implement a meticulous shipping schedule: whole bean orders are roasted and dispatched on the same day, while ground coffee orders are shipped the following day. This meticulous approach guarantees that every cup of our coffee delivers unparalleled flavor and aroma, maintaining the highest standards of quality and satisfaction for our valued customers.