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Who I am and How I got here


I would like to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Jamie Lierman and I am co-owner of Nickel Coffee Company. If you would have asked me a year ago if I would be a new owner of a premium coffee company I would have told you you're crazy. Yet here we are, I had been mulling opening a business for quite sometime but could never settle on the best fit. As a full-time firefighter my schedule allows for considerable days off as our schedule is rather unique. So as a firefighter we spend a fair amount time around the firehouse kitchen table. This table is the centerpiece of every firehouse. I wasn't a big coffee drinker until I got on the job. The reason for this is anytime someone is sitting at the table a warm pot of coffee is nearby. The only downfall was since we drink so much coffee we always opted for quantity not the quality. Nickel Coffee Company was born out of that firehouse tradition. We wanted to offer a premium coffee at an affordable price and we think we have done that with Nickel Coffee Company. Our vision for this blog will be to share our journey as new business owners, offer vital coffee related information as well as the life of being a full-time firefighter. I spend my free time with my wife Stephanie son Brennan and daughter River. We thank you for considering our products.  So please subscribe to our email list to never miss a new blog post.

Welcome to Nickel Coffee Company

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